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  • Experience unparalleled comfort throughout the year with our Howe sweater, meticulously knitted from 100% Merino wool. This luxurious yet breathable layer provides a cozy feel during the cooler months while allowing for effortless layering throughout the year. Whether you opt for a smart/casual look by pairing it with a collared shirt or prefer a laid-back style with a simple cotton t-shirt, the Howe sweater delivers both versatility and timeless appeal. Adorned with our signature tonal Longhorn embroidery on the chest, it adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

    RM. WILLIAMS: Howe Sweater

      • Navy, 100% Merino wool
      • Black, 100% Wool
      • Grey, Cashmere blend
      • Machine wash
      • Hang dry


      For further information read the care label on the inside tags of the garment.

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